retail pos system

Easy to set-up, easy to use POS

All the interfaces of IDZlink POS system are created keeping usability in mind and we are constantly updating it to make it easier for you to use and minimize training time

pos system
multi store retail pos

Multi-store Operation

Scale your business as it grows. All of our modules are created to with scalability in mind so your whole operation can work as one.

Use with Integrated Accounting

We have an inbuilt accounting software module that is as feature complete as our competitors such as Tally ERP. No integration to Xero or Quickbooks necessary.

accounting software
cloud based pos system

Automatic fetching of item images fom Google.

To make your inventory management even easier, we have a feature that automatically fetches images matching your items from our master database, or google

Grow your business with real-time data

View all your business data and reports in real-time anywhere, anytime with our cloud based Point of sale software. Take the guesswork out of your decision process and increase your profitability by analyzing your key metrics.

idzlink point of sale solution


Set up Inventory for your POS and get your beautiful E-commerce Store created automatically. Open up a whole new channel of marketing to skyrocket your profitability.

IDZlink POS Features

Fast & easy Cloud POS

idzlink pos for retails

Revolutionize retail with our all-in-one cloud-based system. Beyond just a Point of Sale, it integrates seamlessly for efficiency and speed. Minimize training, maximize success!.

Powerful inventory management

pos software for inventory management

Simplify inventory management effortlessly! Just fill our CCV file with your products, and our system automates image fetching. Easily edit, reorder, control stock, create varients, and more. Streamline your inventory setup with ease!.

Real-time reporting and business analytics

real time reporting on idzlink pos

Eliminate guess work with and make business decision that benefit your business. View our business data and reports anywhere. All presented in a beautiful manner where you can find what you need

Customer management

customer management in idzlink pos system

Create customer profiles and view their purchase history on a central database. Send them their bills if they are on IDZlink. Loyalty program is coming soon.

offline mode

pos machine features

Even if the internet disconnects or slows down, we make sure our customers don't have to worry as your POS system will switch to offline mode. Never worry about losing data and continue transaction from where you were

Tax reports

idzlink pos tax report

View detailed tax reports so you are always ready for your audits.

Create credit invoices and purchase orders

create credit invoices and purchase orders

Create detailed invoice and purchase orders and send them to your vendors and customers.

Cash management

cash management

Track the movement of your cash from cashfloat to register closure to reduce errors, thefts and discrepancies

Returns and refunds

easy to cloud pos

Our retail POS system handles returns and refunds. Refund past orders and send the money back to your customers.

Discount management

discount management in pos

Manage discounts on items or give it specifically to customers

Expert advice and support

idzlink pos customer support

We have over 21 years of experience in the retail POS software industry with 1000's of customers over the years on our on-premise solution. Our support team will be available 24/7


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1. What are the benefits of using POS System?
Using a POS system point of sale can greatly benefit small businesses by improving their efficiency, increasing accuracy, providing greater security, and enabling enhanced data analysis capabilities. POS systems can automate the checkout process, automatically calculate sales transactions, tax, and discounts, reducing the chance of human error and increasing accuracy.
The IDZlink POS system offers a 1-month free trial. You can upgrade from the Free Retail plan by subscribing to it here. You’ll be able to utilize all existing features, and you’ll only have to set up the added functionality included with your upgrade. After your 1-month free trial, you’ll be given the option to pick your plan.
Yes, The IDZlink POS system is integrated with inventory management software, allowing you to track your stock levels, set reorder points, generate purchase orders and more.
The cost of the IDZlink POS software varies depending on the subscription plan and the number of users that will be using it. You can check the pricing of our point of sale here. Enterprise clients are advised to contact a sales representative with their unique needs for a tailored solution.
The time required to set up the IDZlink retail POS system can vary depending on the complexity of your business needs, but in general, it should be a quick and easy process.